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Portal Information

In keeping with the growing demand of clients and available technology, our firm is moving items to the cloud. This is a matter of security and convenience.

What does this mean for you?

  • Prior year tax returns can be securely stored and accessed anywhere you have an internet connection. The goal is to streamline tax preparation and file accessibility. These documents could include tax files, wills, property deeds, etc.

Why do I need this?

  • We are required to provide you with a copy of your return. Secondly, this puts your return conveniently at your fingertips, and you are able to reproduce a copy at will versus our firm billing for additional copies.

How secure is the process?

  • The site is just as secure as accessing your bank account online (without getting into the technical jargon). All-access is with a password only, and files are encrypted during upload. So no worries there!

Is there a cost?

  • No, there is currently no additional charge for portal access to existing clients.

How much storage will I have?

  • 50MB (enough to store 5 or more tax returns in PDF format).

How do I access my files?

  • With a secure login via computer, mobile device, and/or tablet.

Am I required to sign up for the portal to use your firm?

  • Absolutely not! This is a convenience for you as a valued client. However, I strongly recommend the service as it gives you safe access to your documents. As long as your storage is available, you are able to upload any documents you wish for safekeeping.

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