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Tax Resolution

The office of Jeremy A. Johnson, CPA P.C. is now accepting new clients and assisting them in handling their IRS debt. Through our Tax Resolution department, we are able to assist taxpayers in assessing their options and completing the necessary documents to potentially reduce their overall IRS debt. We are about to do so through one of the following avenues:

  • Penalty Abatement
  • Offer in Compromise
  • Levy Release
  • Installment Agreement
  • Audit Representation

Below are a few frequently asked questions:

What is tax resolution?

This term has been adopted as one that deals with an individual contacting the IRS directly or indirectly to settle, make arrangement for payments of, dispute and or reduce a tax liability.

What is a tax resolution firm?

A firm is an organization or group of individuals that are retained, on a contract basis to: review resolution options, submit forms, act as a liaison between the IRS and taxpayer, and more.

How do I select a firm?

The IRS expanded its Fresh Start initiative which gave way to several new firms surfacing to take advantage of taxpayers with mounting debt. When selecting a firm to work with, make sure they are qualified and credible. While being a CPA or EA are not necessary, these individuals are required to adhere to strict regulations and ethical practices. This adds an additional level of protection for the taxpayer. Ask questions!

What are my tax resolution options?

The IRS has made efforts to expand opportunities to work with taxpayers in paying back/reducing their tax liability. While some debt is small enough to qualify for an installment agreement, others may require a more robust process of reduction. This is often handled by filing for a penalty abatement and/or an Offer in Compromise. An Offer in Compromise allows taxpayers to grossly reduce their liability with the expectation of payment being made over a specified period of time.

How long does the process take?

From 90 days to 12 months based on your unique situation.

What makes JAJ CPA different?

Our firm takes pride in meeting the needs of clients and keeping them informed every step of the way. While being proactive is the key to working with the IRS, we recognize keeping our clients abreast of our progress is the key to a positive working relationship.

The IRS Fresh Start Initiative has made it easier for taxpayers to qualify for help. But it is to your benefit to work with a professional in making sure the correct documents are filed and follow up procedures are in place. Schedule your Tax Resolution consultation now by clicking here.